Dakar Ville

Urban Fabric Initiatives : reinventing cities together

From Dakar to Nairobi, via Antananarivo, Abidjan, Ouagadougou, Monrovia, Kigali and a number of towns in Tunisia, the Pépinières urbaines support urban stakeholders in the design and implementation of inclusive and participative urban projects, advocating a different way of making cities.

Lancement du MOOC

Launch of the MOOC "The collective urban factory: ideas and tools for co-producing African cities"

In African cities, housing, transport, services, urban spaces and productive activities are the result of initiatives, investments and actions carried out by a wide range of institutional, formal and informal, public and private players. Yet these dynamics represent a way of making the city that the public authorities often struggle to follow, or even to (re)understand in the case of informal activities.