Kiosque communautaire - Madagascar - ©Olivier Bedu

Celebration and inauguration of an ephemeral kiosk for community activities

In the Andraisoro district of Madagascar, the Pépinière urbaine has installed an ephemeral kiosk dedicated to holding community activities. This project embodies the spirit of collaboration and citizen participation in the creation of the urban environment. Designed to be mobile and temporary, the kiosk offers residents a platform for expression and engagement, where they can actively contribute to shaping their neighbourhood.

Temporary furniture for community activities

Installation du Kiosque - Madagascar

In the Andraisoro district, the Pépinière urbaine de Madagascar has set up an ephemeral kiosk for co-design workshops, offering residents a practical experience of actively contributing to the creation of their urban environment and a space for expressing their ideas. Designed to be mobile and temporary, the kiosk will be dismantled and reinstalled at other project sites, where new participatory sessions will be held. Launched in December, the workshops ran until the end of January.

Animations communautaires - Kiosque communautaire - Madagascar

Installed in half a day by a craftsman, the kiosk is an interactive, mobile space where residents can experiment with new uses and assess the potential transformations of their neighbourhood. By actively involving residents in the co-design process, the kiosk helps them to imagine new uses for their space and test out possible new developments.

Vue aérienne site - Pépinière Madagascar

On the same day, a surveyor surveyed the site and captured aerial images using a drone, helping to document the urban transformation process in detail.

A festive inauguration to celebrate the installation

Animations communautaires - Kiosque communautaire - Madagascar

To celebrate the new facility, the team organised a day of festivities. The programme included dance and singing competitions and a mixed basketball tournament. Closed by a prize-giving ceremony, the day was marked by a strong mobilisation of the population, demonstrating the commitment and dynamism of the local community.

Tournoi Basket - animations communautaires - Madagascar

The new furniture and the activity day will enable us to take a close look at the changes and habits of users on the site. They will provide crucial data for the next co-design workshops, scheduled for January. The ultimate aim of these participatory sessions is to turn the ideas that emerge from the collaborative sessions into a definitive layout planned for the summer, offering a concrete example of participatory and inclusive development in the Malagasy capital.

Animations communautaires - Tournoi Basket - Madagascar