Évènement published in Actualités on 09/30/2022

Sharing and consultation workshop between CSO beneficiaries of the project and funding structures

The Ouagadougou urban fabric, through its activities of animation and prefiguration of uses, has ensured the financing of approximately 70 microprojects (sports and cultural) led by civil society organisations as well as multiple sports and cultural events. After four years of project implementation and two external reviews on the implementation of microprojects and events organised with all stakeholders (CSOs, Coges, City Hall, etc.), CSO requested that the project be put in contact with funding organisations and structures. The objective of this contact is to better understand the different opportunities for support, capacity building or funding available to CSOs to extend their activities beyond the urban incubator project.

A workshop was organised by the project in September 2022 after identifying with the Directorate of Sports and Leisure, the Directorate of Culture and the Directorate of Associations and Citizen Initiatives of the Ouagadougou municipality funds supporting sports and cultural activities as well as the accompaniment of women and young people in their various initiatives. In view of the current political situation in the country, characterised by the suspension of certain international funding in the fields of sports and culture, the existing national funds that are able to support CSOs were invited to this workshop. These are

  • Cultural and Tourism Development Fund
  • Development Fund for the Promotion of Sports and Leisure
  • Support Fund for Women's Income Generating Activities
  • Support Fund for Youth Initiatives.

Représentants des fonds.png
Représentants des fonds.png

The workshop enabled the CSOs and Coges of the different sites of the PUO to learn about the conditions and procedures for financing these different funds and commitments were made by these structures in collaboration with the Directorate of Associations and Citizen Initiatives of the commune to accompany them so that they could access the funds, the existence and methods of access to which were hitherto little known to CSOs.
In total, 119 CSOs and 7 Coges were able to participate in this workshop, including 69 beneficiaries of the PUO support fund and 50 whose projects were not selected due to budgetary constraints.