Publications & Recherche published in Ressources on 06/15/2021

Students workshop - University of Geneva : 'URBAN FUTURES' Co-designing the city

'URBAN FUTURES' Co-designing the city : critical analysis and international experiences

Urban Futures is an academic workshop dedicated to innovative urban planification . This course is designed to address the several challenges at stakes in thinking through and implementing the SDGs while planning, managing, and organizing ‘city-life’. It is followed by Master 2 students from graduate programs of the University of Geneva.

In the workshop, students are invited to think critically about several challenges at stakes in implementing the SDGs while planning, managing, and organizing ‘city-life’, crossing Global South and North experiences. Students received key insights about contemporary urban issues or planning practices such as tactical urbanism, citizen participation, urban co-design, sustainable mobilities, green cities and green buildings, or social inclusion. This workshop is an ‘experimental lab’ for generating innovative ideas and creative thinking towards the building economic, social, and infrastructural potentials of urban futures.

This workshop was supervised by Prof. Armelle Choplin, a geographer and an urban planner, associate professor at the Department of Geography and Environment (Geneva School of Social Sciences) and at the Global Studies Institute; Raphaël Languillon (PhD), a geographer specialized in urban studies and planning, currently lecturer at the University of Geneva (Department of Geography and Environment) and Éloïse Pelaud, an international consultant in urban, sustainable and local development, currently active within the NGO urbaMonde, on the urban fabrics initiative program.