Urban Design Festival, Singapore

The information on this project was compiled by students from the University of Geneva as part of the Urban Futures Workshop (full report).

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Singapore manages several planning challenges:

  • Building with limited land availability: For efficiency, Singapore needs to plan for its low land availability, namely through temporariness. This challenge has legitimised re-claiming land for public usage, especially under-utilised land and infrastructure.
  • Fostering a sense of community: Infrastructural development has been the bedrock of Singapore’s growth; however, the provision of physical space alone cannot foster a cultured city. Art can here promote a sense of national unity (Wong, 2017).
  • Managing Covid-19 restrictions: With Covid-19, outdoor environments are preferred for social interactions (Arup Ltd. 2020). Promoting outdoor neighbourhood connectivity is therefore essential.

Date: 14th to 17th March 2019

Implementation period: 4 days

Time life of the project: Ended

Status of land: Public

Type of place: High-density area, car park


  • Local residents
  • Technical & local services and management:
    • LopeLab: An urban planning consultancy firm specialised and branding itself as a ‘tactical urbanist’.
    • TCA Think Tank: Architecture practice based in Singapore focusing on public space design through art.
  • Institutional actors:
    • Design Singapore Council (federal office)
    • National Urban Planning Authority: allowing land lease & co-designed the urban space

Target audience

  • Residents & young working professionals

Type of actions

  • Event: 4 days
  • Non reversible intervention
  • Participative process
  • Temporary changes

Citizen participation

  • A public call for innovative but ‘sensitive’ proposals was launched in 2018 by the Urban Development Authority to test potential usages for this State property as a public space.
  • During the event: idea boxes were placed to collect public opinion.

Types of intervention

  • Appropriation: Sought to activate an underutilised mundane car park, turning it into a mixed environment for local communities. The infrastructure was renovated and transformed it into a placemaking space offering learning experiences.
  • Education: Welcomed awareness-raising workshops targeting ‘innovative urban solutions’.


Collective educational experiences: Lopelab Consultancy curated a series of light shows and exhibitions on circular design. These ‘Circular Design Workshops’, conducted by industry-leading companies allowed architects, designers, and the local community to experience recycled materials and brainstorm about waste recycling solutions in Asian megalopolises.

LLight installlation 2.jpg


The outcomes of this project can be seen as two-fold. For one, it successfully co-created and engaged communities through these communal spaces. However, its reach remains limited to a community of residents already plugged into the arts and culture network in Singapore.


Lopelab Consultancy: 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089109


+65 8595 3365



  • Type of action : animation / évènement
  • State : Cloturé