Reconstructing Chongqing Dadukou Yanxing Community, Chongqing, China

The goal of the “Reconstruction of Chongqing Dadukou Yanxing Community old residential” was to improve the living environment by using space rationally.

The information on this project was compiled by students from the University of Geneva as part of the Urban Futures Workshop (full report).


Recreational facilities were built on vacant space at Dadukou Yanxing Community. Besides, surrounding area was used for parking cars.

Date : Jan 2018

Implementation period: 10 months

Time life of the project: 3 years


Cost : Residents & Property Management Co.

Status of land: Public

Type of place: Community/urban area


  • Initiators: Residents initiated the reconstruction and chose certain programs.
  • Implementors: Designers investigated the status quo and sorted out problems. A construction company implemented the program.
  • Funders: Community Management Company financed the programs

Target audience

Residents in the community, especially the elder and children.


  • Comfort and image: Recreational facilities were constructed at a vacant space. Residents could do exercise and take a rest. Besides, the local art, paper-cut, was used to decorate the space.
  • Sociability and links: Residents, especially the elder and children, could communicate at the reconstruction vacant space.

Types of intervention

  • Urban design/community intervention
  • De-fencing

Citizen participation

Mobilized by citizens, co-implemented by the Ownership Committees and Neighborhood Committee.

Types of actions

  • Events and infrastructure: Recreational facilities were built for residents, especially for the elder and children. Parking positions were set up by replanning the layout of the community.
  • Reversible interventions: Recreational facilities were decorated with paper-cut (local art).
  • Citizen participation / participative process: Residents initiated the construction project, chose solutions to problems and modified the designing scheme.
  • Experimentation/innovation: Recreational facilities with the decoration of paper-cut were set at vacant space in Yanxing Community.
  • Transformation aspects / temporary changes / replication: Recreational facilities were decorated with paper-cut. The residential space was redesigned.



The problem of the Yanxing old community was solved. The community became more vibrant after reconstruction. Recreational facilities were built for residents, especially for the elder and children.

Residents took part in the project and they were satisfied with it. According to the survey, 92% of residents were extremely satisfied with the reconstruction project.


Chongqing Dadukou Yanxing Community

Phone: +86 023-68406921


[1] Jiang, L. Research On The Micro. reconstruction Strategy Of Outer Space Of Old Community in Chongqing( ). 2018-05.

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  • Type of action : valorisation
  • State : Démarrage
  • Starting date : Jan. 1, 2018
  • Starting date : Jan. 1, 2021