Nuestro Jardin Cultural, Bogota, Colombia

Located in the Suba district of Colombia’s capital city Bogotá, this unused street corner of about 1039 sq. m. was described as an abandoned hangout spot for crime and graffiti. In 2019, the space became the host of a one-year tactical urbanism pilot project of the Me Muevo Segura campaign which focuses on creating safer mobility for women and children in Bogotá.

The information on this project was compiled by students from the University of Geneva as part of the Urban Futures Workshop (full report).


Today Nuestro Jardín Cultural, or “Our Cultural Garden,” is a colorfully-painted space for hosting cultural activities, reactivating community relations, revitalizing a forgotten, dangerous space, and generating a new radiant and safe area for women and children traveling and living in the area, and perhaps using the adjacent bike path.

This one-year project ensured the full inclusion and participation of local residents in diagnostics and design, execution and implementation, and evaluation. Beyond facilitating the reclamation and renovation of the space by inhabitants themselves, the project also aimed to test the potentiality of its scalability, replicability, and sustainability (Paisajeo, n.d.).

Implementation period: 2019 - present
Time life of the project: Ongoing
Cost: N/A
Status of land: Public
Type of place: Unused urban street corner, flat open space

Nuestro Jardín Cultural - Outdoor Cinema Night (Guevara, 2019)
Nuestro Jardín Cultural - Outdoor Cinema Night (Guevara, 2019)


  • Inspiration/Motivation District Secretary for Women (Me Muevo Segura campaign)
  • Initiation/Design/Organization/ Implementation Bicistema, Bogotá Botanical Garden
  • Mapping TUMI (Transforming Urban Mobility Initiative)
  • Financial Institution CAF (Development Bank of Latin America)
  • Civil Society Suba inhabitants (esp. women and children), graffiti artists, local artists

Target audience

Local inhabitants, special focus on women and children frequently passing through the area

Type of actions

  • Events/Infrastructure planting, cinema night
  • Reversible interventions graffiti or plant death
  • Citizen participation comprehensive collaboration
  • Innovation women-children's safety and mobility
  • Transformation aspects positive attitudes

Citizen participation

The project was initiated by local organization Bicistema who co-designed and facilitated implementation with the participation of 85 local inhabitants (who were consulted and who cleaned, painted, planted, etc.). The local community, especially women and children, developed ownership over the space and the project through their active participation at every step of the project.

Type of interventions

  • Urban design: street/wall painting, planting
  • New activity: one-time outdoor cinema night
  • Mobility: improved bike path passing by


  • Targets most vulnerable inhabitants (women and children)
  • Consults whole community, including those who may want to revert the space (graffiti artists) for their agreement and understanding
  • Coordinated with mobility initiative (colorful, better quality, safer bike paths)
  • Objective of renovating and reclaiming a space to be used and safe during the say as well as at night


Inhabitants were receptive to participation and the renovation of the space. Some challenges include the need for maintenance of the space (murals and plants) and for organizing events in the space (like the outdoor cinema night event).

Nuestro Jardín Cultural - Before and After (Guevara, 2020)
Nuestro Jardín Cultural - Before and After (Guevara, 2020)





  • Type of action : animation / évènement
  • State : En cours
  • Starting date : July 1, 2019