My Own Business, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

This project was realized by a few residents of a neighborhood called Treichville, who created the NGO called “My Own Business”. The main reason why they began this project is because their neighborhood was facing waste problematics, dilapidated built fronts, and floods. Hence, they wanted to improve their conditions of life since no services of waste collection, or sanitation were made in their neighborhood. Therefore, the project took place on an avenue (avenue 11, Treichville). Inhabitants cleaned up the avenue and the sewers, painted and restored the built fronts, and also gardened little parcels.

The information on this project was compiled by students from the University of Geneva as part of the Urban Futures Workshop (full report).


This project was led in 2017, in Abidjan the economic capital of Ivory Coast. As a capital, Abidjan has a lot of services, infrastructures, administrations etc. which contribute to the city's economic position in West Africa. On the other hand, many areas in the city suffer from sanitation issues. Hence, this point in particular concern this project.

Implementation period: From 2017 until now
Time life of the project: More than 2 years
Achieved / on going : On going
Cost : more than 3000 euros
Status of land : Public space
Type of place : Urban area, neighborhood close to city center

© My Own Business, 2017
© My Own Business, 2017


  • NGO: "My Own Business" who launched this project
  • Civil society: inhabitants of Avenue 11 in Treichville & inhabitants from other neighborhoods

Target audience

  • Treichville (young) residents
  • Abidjan residents
  • The government (in order to sound the alert)

Type of actions

  • First of all, the participants were all volunteers.
  • Secondly, they transformed their neighborhood and avenue 11 by paintings and cleaning the streets.
  • Finally we can notice that these interventions were mostly reversible if they weren't repeated often.

Citizen participation

  • Citizens initiated this project and appropriated avenue 11.

Type of intervention

  • Streets cleaning
  • Built fronts renovations (paintings, art, etc.)
  • Sanitation


  • Empowerment
  • Participation in manual activities
  • Sensibilization
  • Learning civic duties by socialisation


Avenue 11 in Treichville was cleaned up, made attractive, by the inhabitants. This project allowed the creation of social cohesion between residents. On another hand, the NGO "My Own Business" and the participants, received the government's recognition.
Finally, after this project, the NGO launched several projects of this kind in different contexts such as schools's renovation, sensibilization, etc.

© My Own Business, 2017
© My Own Business, 2017


My Own Business:
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  • Type of action : aménagement / équipement
  • State : En cours
  • Starting date : July 1, 2017