Atelier de capitalisation - Dakar - 15 décembre
La Pépinière urbaine de Dakar

Closing and capitalisation workshop for the Urban Fabric Initiative of Dakar

On 15 December 2023, the closing and capitalisation workshop of the UFI Dakar was held at GRET's premises. This meeting marked the end of the project. It brought together the various stakeholders to take stock of the activities carried out and the experiences gained throughout its implementation.

The closing workshop of Dakar Urban Fabric Initiatives (UFI) was an opportunity to present the capitalisation book, which gives a detailed account of the PUD experience. The event provided an opportunity to take stock of activities and developments, and to look back at the UFI's prospects and challenges.

Livre de capitalisation - PUD

"The workshop is an important time to take stock and reflect, to see what worked and what could have been improved. It also allows us to take a critical look at our actions and approaches beyond the UFI Dakar."

Iba Mar Faye, GRET Senegal representative

Atelier de capitalisation - Dakar - 15 décembre

The document retraces the history of the project, implemented between June 2020 and October 2023 by a group of actors including GRET, urbaSEN, Collectif Etc/Studio Baïnem, urbaMonde and Transitec, in close collaboration with CETUD, AFD, UN Habitat and other partners. The book is aimed at professionals, managers and funders involved in urban projects in Dakar and Senegal.

"This project is a partnership between GRET, urbaSen and urbaMonde. But it's also a model that encourages co-production and brings together residents, local authorities and project owners."

Papa Ameth Keita, urbaSen coordinator

"This is not just an achievement but also a beginning: public spaces are in the hands of the community, which must use them and manage them well."

Sara Lalmi, UN-Habitat