nairobi Atelier conception - Kahawa Soweto Nairobi 2

Co-design workshops and presentation of final projects

Following the selection of UFI Nairobi's five partner community organisations, the UFI organised four co-design workshops in February. The meetings were essential for tailoring the projects precisely to the realities and specific needs of each neighbourhood and community concerned.

antananarivo Kiosque communautaire - Madagascar - ©Olivier Bedu

Celebration and inauguration of an ephemeral kiosk for community activities

In the Andraisoro district of Madagascar, the Pépinière urbaine has installed an ephemeral kiosk dedicated to holding community activities. This project embodies the spirit of collaboration and citizen participation in the creation of the urban environment. Designed to be mobile and temporary, the kiosk offers residents a platform for expression and engagement, where they can actively contribute to shaping their neighbourhood.

Inauguration Site Pikine Dakar

Citizen involvement and urban transformation: the example of the UFI Dakar

Inclusivity in the design of public spaces is essential to ensure that all citizens, regardless of ability, social background, age or gender, can fully enjoy their urban environment. This requires a holistic approach that incorporates the diversity of needs and uses into the planning and design of urban facilities.