• Promote social cohesion within neighborhoods, the development of socio-economic innovations and citizen participation.
  • Involve residents actively in the development of their neighborhoods through a concerted response based on their rights, their needs and the expression of their collective and individual choices.
  • Stimulate concrete dynamics of social mobilization and participation within neighborhoods to strengthen social ties and the implementation of local, endogenous, innovative and ecologically responsible initiatives.


  • The people living in the targeted neighborhoods are the driving force behind inclusive social and urban development, thanks to their ownership of the transformations and the establishment of multi-stakeholder dynamics within the neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood residents have access to concrete opportunities for social participation, and are able to implement local initiatives and entrepreneurial projects thanks to an appropriate support and mentoring system


The Tunisia UFI projects are implemented by Humanité et Inclusion as lead partner, in partnership with the Laboratoire de l'économie sociale et solidaire (Lab'ess).

Kandeel is implementing the UFI in coordination with the main local players in urban development in Tunisia's cities: the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Regional Planning (Mehat) and the Urban Rehabilitation and Renewal Agency (ARRU), the project's contracting authority.

“We are working on culture, entertainment, sport, training, the environment... all these themes were identified following a territorial diagnosis carried out with citizens.”

Selima Mechkene - Lab'ess Support Officer - Ness El Houma Project