• Promote user appropriation of several PDDO 2 public facilities sites
  • Prefigure future uses, in line with the needs expressed by populations and stakeholders;
  • Carry out rapid, demonstrative actions to raise awareness of the PDDO 2 and its future facilities, and to intensify and diversify use of the sites;
  • Strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations, Ouagadougou city council and the two district councils to implement innovative, concerted actions.


  • Stakeholders, users and expectations in the fields of sport, culture and neighbourhood life are identified and analyzed, as are the barriers to access to these services for certain groups.
  • A support fund is designed and implemented on prioritized sites of the PDDO2, to support civil society organizations’ initiatives that contribute to the inclusive deployment of sport, culture and neighborhood life.
  • Complementary temporary and transitory development actions on these sites are co-designed and implemented directly or in co-construction with neighborhood stakeholders.
  • The capacities of project stakeholders are strengthened through appropriate training and coaching, and through monitoring-evaluation and capitalization on the project.


The Ouagadougou UFI is being implemented by GRET and Humanité et Inclusion in close collaboration with the Ouagadougou municipality, the district councils of arrondissements 3 and 5, and the Agence Municipale des Grands Travaux (AMGT), which is in charge of the PDDO 2 project.

“Today, we need an inclusive, participatory approach. We can't provide equipment that doesn't meet the expectations of the population.”

Armand Béouindé, Mayor of Ouagadougou

“We have lots of ideas, but they often require a helping hand and funding. With the UFI, we've been able to realize many local initiatives.”

Elie Sawadogo - AMGT