Les rendez-vous du réseau !

UFI Network rendez-vous : a look at the UFI in Kigali and Monrovia!

On 29 April, the UFI teams met for another Network Rendezvous, where they presented the objectives, teams and activities of the new Urban Fabric Initiatives joining the network in Kigali and Monrovia.

The Monrovia UFI, Liberia

The mission of the Monrovia UFI is to identify and propose solutions to improve access to and management of public spaces, with a view to increasing resilience to climate change, and is part of the Monrovia Integrated Development Project (MIPD).
With funding of 900,000 euros from the Agence française de développement (AFD) and 83,681 euros from Mercy Corps (Prospects-IV), this project will run for a period of 24 to 36 months. The lead operator of the UFI is the international organisation Mercy Corps, which stands out for its experience in community mobilisation, project co-creation and community space management. The expected outcomes of the Urban Fabric Initiative include the co-design and co-construction of community projects, the empowerment of local players in the sustainable management of these projects, and community awareness-raising on the planning and management of public spaces.

The Kigali UFI, Rwanda

In Kigali, the UFI involves three partners: the Rwanda Women's Network, Espelia and Bantu.
The project is part of the Kigali Informal Settlement Upgrading Project (KISUP), which aims to improve living conditions in the city's informal settlements. To this end, the UFI is working on three informal settlements in Kigali:

  • Kagugu
  • Rwezamenyo
  • Nyakabanda.

Projects include participatory planning, design of public spaces, and community management of initiatives.

This latest meeting of the UFI Network rendez-vous highlighted the complementary nature of the projects underway in different countries. Each UFI brings its own specific features and strengths, creating a rich and promising network of exchanges!